Creative Technology works 2021FA by Hongming li

Welcome to the front page of my Creative Technology works in 2021FA

Hey, these works are collected from my first term in MDP, here we have made some creative technology PRATICES:

In the Assignment 1, we try to explore a artifact. Make a system diagram of the chosen artifact at first. Then try to make it. The artifact I chosen is the Passthrought function on Oculus Quest 2. Which makes the interaction with REAL world possible in VR world. Can't use the API of a VR headset, I make a Reverse Passthought with Touchdesigner.

Assignment 2, Simulation! I prefer the simulation of Growing, with a misunderstand of this topic: grow a tree! This project is base on the fact of GM crops have the potential to upset the balance of nature. Envoy is set in a planet where astronauts are about to explore. They send genetic crops to change the environment. The mechanics of the game are derived from the Game of Life, but at the same time highlight resistance by simplifying the characteristics and behavior of the plants.

Digital creatures Dear letter is a pair ESP-32 communicate with each other using Adafruit IO cloud service. There is a “syntax” between them that is difficult for humans to understand. Made with Zhiyan Wang.

GLSL! I have looking at this tool but for various reasons, I did not study. Thank you Char Stiles. Here's a simple project on Touchdesigner - Ekagami !

Faculties of Creative Technology: Ben Hooker, Maxim Safioulline